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League Rules

These rules apply to all SRU series. 
(Subject to change. Series Admins have the authority to add/change rules that are specific to their series. Any of these rule changes will be clearly explained before the race.)

I.  On Track Rules

  A. Initial Start:

      1.All drivers must follow iRacing’s lineup.
      2. Initial start begins on green flag.
      3. No lane change or passing before start/finish line.
      4. EOL requests will only be given to those who do not qualify or is having technical difficulties.


  B. Restarts:

      1. Leader has lane choice. Must declare with one to go.
      2. Rest of field must follow iRacing’s lineup.
      3. All restarts begins on green flag.


  C. Pit Road:

      1. When entering pit road and while on pit road all drivers must stay to the right side of pit road. Left side for road                    courses. This prevents jam ups and havoc on pit road.
      2. No driver may drive through more than 2 pit stalls before or after their pit stall. 2 stalls in, 2 stalls out.

  D. Cautions:

      1. All cautions will be reviewed post-race.
      2. All drivers should maintain an appropriate speed to catch and maintain pace with the pace car.
      3. A 2-caution rule will be strictly enforced. (Cause 2 cautions, you must park for remainder of race).
      4. EOL may be given to damaged cars that cannot keep pace speed to avoid massive pit road entry penalties.

  E. Lap Down Drivers:

      1. Any driver that is in danger of going a lap down or is lap(s) down must hold their line and allow drivers on the lead                lap to pass without issue. It is the responsibility of the lead lap cars to pass safely. Pushing or bumping slower cars              out of the way will result in penalties.

II. Flags:

  A .Cautions (Yellow Flags)

     1. ALL Caution flags will be handled by iRacing.     

  B. Disqualification (Black Flags)

     1. iRacing will handle ALL black flags.


III. Driver Conduct:

  A. All drivers MUST be in Discord voice channel during race. If not, you will not be allowed to race. You cannot have                Discord muted during race. You must also have "Push to talk" enabled. NO open mics!
  B. All drivers must be respectful on and off track.
  C. No “blasting” other drivers over anything. 1 warning will be given, 2nd time will result in removal from race.
  D. Remain quiet during qualifying and racing. Exceptions being race related information.
  E. Any member being detrimental to the league in any way will result in removal from league.

IV. Protest/complaints:

  A.  All protests and/or complaints must be submitted to series league admins only. You must provide replay and send to           series admins.
  B. If you are being penalized for whatever reason and don't agree, save your replay and give to your series admin.
  C. Any and all decisions made by league admins are final.

V.  Car Numbers

  A. Your car paint must reflect the same number as the number you are assigned. If not, you will be penalized 10 points           for that race.

  B. All car numbers will be 2-digit numbers. Triple digit car numbers are NOT allowed!

VI. Points Distribution:

   A. Race Points.

       1. All drivers that start the race will receive points.
       2. The race winner will receive 43 points and will drop 1 point per position at the finish.

  B. Any bonus points and penalty points will be given out per series admins discretion (example: stage points, leading a            lap, leading most laps, winning race ...etc.).

  C. Deductions for all series:

     1. Ten (10) Point penalty for jumping starts as well as all other start / restarts violations. 
     2. Ten (10) point deduction for having wrong number on car.
     3. 100-point deduction for current season and 100-point deduction for next season and 2-week suspension from all                 series for Intentional wrecking. May also be removed from series or league.

VII. Fast Repairs and Tires.

  A. Cup = 0 Fast repair and limited tire sets.
  B. Gen 6 = 1 Fast repair and limited tire sets.
  C. Trucks = 2 Fast repairs and unlimited tires.
  D. Xfinity = 1 Fast Repair and limited tire sets.

VIII. League Admins.

  A. SRU Head Admin: Dave Bush
  B. Cup Series: Robbie Darnell
  C. Gen 6 Series: Clifton Ashley
  D. Truck Series:  Jason Adams, Mark Koschik
  E. Xfinity: Jason Adams

IX. Social Media.

  A. Website:  Keith Hurlbut

  B. Facebook:  Jason Adams

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