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Brad Delph: A Resilient Journey Through the Sim Racing Unleashed Cup Series

#14 Brad Delph, a name synonymous with determination, has etched his presence into the annals of the Sim Racing Unleashed Cup Series. Over 109 starts since his debut on August 16, 2020, Brad has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the virtual track. With three victories and an impressive 27 top-5 finishes, he's a force to be reckoned with. Despite encountering 17 DNFs, Brad's resilience shines through his 62 top-10 finishes. His win percentage stands at 2.75%, reflecting his consistent pursuit of excellence. Averaging a solid 11.21 finish and boasting an average rating of 98.6, Brad Delph's journey is an embodiment of tenacity in the world of sim racing.

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