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🏁 Chicagoland Speedway - Deuscher makes a statement in his return! 🏁

1st race back after a 2 week break!
P1 #7 Zach Deuscher (1st race back after a 2 week break!)

P2 #40 Kyle Munson

The SRU Xfinity Series Season #6 continues its high-octane journey with Race #2 at the Chicagoland Speedway, and what a race it was! The roar of engines, the thrill of competition, and a familiar name taking the checkered flag.

🏆 Zach Duescher Steals the Show: In a race that had us all on the edge of our seats, Zach Duescher emerged as the victor. He showcased his skill and determination, leading for a remarkable 74 laps and averaging an impressive lap time of 34.310. It was a dominating performance that left no room for doubt.

P3 #67 Greg Wood (SRU Gen 4 Series Season 1 Champion.)

Race Highlights:

  • 100 intense laps on the challenging Chicagoland track.

  • 1 caution that added to the excitement.

  • A total of 4 caution laps that tested the drivers' nerves.

  • 4 lead changes that kept us guessing.

🌦️ Dynamic Weather: The race started under partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 63°F and a northwest wind at 8 MPH. The weather conditions played their part in this thrilling battle on the track.

🚗 Top 5 Finishers:

  1. Zach Duescher - Midwest

  2. Kyle Munson2 - Michigan

  3. Greg Wood3 - Atlantic

  4. Jeff Gilmore - Canada

  5. Dave Acacia - New Jersey

🏁 Turning Points:

  • Kyle Munson2's determined pursuit of victory, finishing a close second.

  • Greg Wood3's impressive performance, securing a podium finish.

  • Jeff Gilmore's strong showing, rounding off the top 4.

It was a race filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and ultimately, Zach Duescher emerged as the star of the day.

As we look ahead to the next race, the storylines continue to evolve, and the competition grows fiercer. Stay tuned for more adrenaline-pumping moments in Season #6 of the SRU Xfinity Series! 🚗💨🏆 #SRUXfinitySeason6 #ChicagolandSpeedway #SimRacingUnleashed

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