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"Dual Threat: Keith Hurlbut's Impact On and Off the SRU Tracks"

In the world of sim racing, some individuals stand out not only for their skills on the virtual track but also for their significant contributions behind the scenes. Keith Hurlbut is undeniably one of these multi-talented individuals, making his mark both as a proficient driver and a crucial asset to SRU.

As the engine roars and the digital rubber meets the virtual road, Hurlbut showcases his racing mettle in each of his 38 starts. While the win column might read zeros, his presence is far from unnoticed. With an average start of 17.87 and an average finish of 14.47, he demonstrates a determined consistency that's the hallmark of a dedicated competitor.

However, Hurlbut's influence extends beyond the confines of the race track. He's the architect behind the SRU's sleek new website, a platform that not only keeps fans and participants informed but also serves as a hub of community interaction. His commitment to keeping the website up-to-date and visually appealing speaks volumes about his dedication to enhancing the SRU experience.

Recent times have seen Hurlbut on a hot streak, both on and off the track. With 10 top-10 finishes and 2 top-5 finishes, his recent performances highlight his capability to elevate his game when it matters most. These achievements are a testament to his hard work, drive, and determination.

Keith Hurlbut is an embodiment of the dual-threat concept - excelling as both a driver and an integral part of SRU's evolution. He's a reminder that sim racing isn't just about individual races but about the collective effort that propels a league forward. With every lap and every website update, Hurlbut showcases his commitment to excellence, both on virtual asphalt and in digital domains.

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