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Greg Wood Secures Points Championship; Jeff Gilmore Dominates Race in Gen 4 Series Finale

Date and Time: August 23, 2023 - 6:30 PM

Location: Homestead Miami Speedway - Oval

Race Session: 214302082/63351103 Unofficial

League: Sim Racing Unleashed Gen 4 Series

League Season: Gen 4 Season 1

Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy, 75°F, Wind SE @ 4 MPH, Atmosphere: 48% RH

Time of Day: 2023-05-15, 20:00

On August 23, 2023, the Sim Racing Unleashed Gen 4 Series reached a crescendo with an exhilarating race at Homestead Miami Speedway. As the sun began to set, the roar of engines filled the air, marking the final showdown of an era.

Race Overview:

  • Race Distance: 100 laps

  • Average Lap Time: 36.774 seconds

  • Cautions: 1

  • Caution Laps: 4

  • Lead Changes: 5

  • Weather: Partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 75°F and a gentle southeast breeze at 4 MPH. The atmospheric humidity stood at 48%.

The race unfolded as a fierce battle between Jeff Gilmore in car #75 and Greg Wood in car #67. Gilmore demonstrated his mastery of the track, leading the race and showcasing a dominant performance that would lead to his race victory.

Yet, the true narrative of the event was centered around Greg Wood. Piloting car #67, Wood exhibited remarkable consistency and strategic prowess, methodically advancing through the field. With every lap, he inched closer to the points championship, underlining his ability to manage both car and track.

Race Results:

  1. Car #75 - Jeff Gilmore

  • Start Position: 4th

  • Race Victory

  • Laps Led: 30

  • Average Lap Time: 36.774 seconds

  • Fastest Lap Time: 33.110 seconds

  1. Car #67 - Greg Wood

  • Start Position: 3rd

  • Points Championship Winner

  • Laps Led: 65

  • Average Lap Time: 36.831 seconds

  • Fastest Lap Time: 32.978 seconds

As the checkered flag waved and the crowd erupted in cheers, it was Greg Wood who emerged as the true champion of the Gen 4 Series. His strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment to excellence had earned him the points championship, a fitting tribute to his remarkable journey throughout the season.

With the Gen 6 Series on the horizon, the legacy of the Gen 4 cars would live on, forever etched in the history of Sim Racing Unleashed. The Homestead Miami Speedway had witnessed a triumphant conclusion, a celebration of the drivers, the cars, and the unforgettable moments that defined the Gen 4 era.

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