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Introducing Our New Broadcast Partner: RaceDay Live on YouTube

Introduction: Welcome back to Pit Road Talk, your go-to source for all things SRU Xfinity Series! We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our dedicated viewers. As we continue to rev up the excitement around the SRU Xfinity Series, we're equally excited to introduce our new broadcast partner, RaceDay Live on YouTube. Here's the playlist to watch how the season unfolds

Meet Steve Tucker: The Voice Behind the Action After two thrilling races into our revived Xfinity Series, it's safe to say that RaceDay Live's very own Steve Tucker has been doing a phenomenal job on the mic, delivering all the racing action right to your screens. Steve Tucker has quickly become a fan favorite, and his passion for sim racing shines through in every broadcast.

About RaceDay Live: RaceDay Live, hosted by Steve Tucker, is a YouTube channel dedicated to iRacing and the thrilling world of virtual motorsports. With 355 subscribers and 98 videos (and counting!), RaceDay Live is a hub for all things sim racing. Whether you're a seasoned iRacing pro or just dipping your toes into the world of virtual racing, RaceDay Live has something for everyone.

Connect with RaceDay Live:

  • YouTube:

  • Twitter: @ASRAiRacing

  • Discord:

Join the Conversation: If you're looking to dive even deeper into the sim racing community, RaceDay Live's Discord server is the place to be. Connect with fellow racing enthusiasts, discuss strategies, and stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the world of virtual motorsports.

For Business Inquiries: If you're interested in collaborating with RaceDay Live, you can reach out to Steve Tucker and request his e-mail address on the youtube channel

Stay Tuned for Thrills: The SRU Xfinity Series is just getting started, and thanks to RaceDay Live, we'll be bringing you even more thrilling action every Thursday night at 8 PM. Buckle up, because the virtual race track is heating up, and we can't wait to hear you in the chat, cheering on your favorite drivers.

Don't forget to subscribe to RaceDay Live on YouTube, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server to stay in the loop. Together, we'll make the SRU Xfinity Series the hottest event in virtual motorsports!

Stay tuned to Pit Road Talk for more exciting updates and behind-the-scenes stories from the SRU Xfinity Series. Until next time, race on! 🏁

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