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🏁 Palm Tree 150 - A Thrilling Season Opener as Paul Pelissier takes the Checkered Flag! 🏁

The SRU Xfinity Series Season #6 burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion with the Palm Tree 150 at the legendary Daytona International Speedway Oval. This electrifying race had it all - excitement, drama, and a new face in victory lane!

🌴 The Winner: Paul Pelissier In a jaw-dropping debut, newcomer Paul Pelissier stole the spotlight and clinched the checkered flag in his first-ever race with SRU! His performance was nothing short of spectacular, leading for an impressive 32 laps and averaging a blistering lap time of 1:03.378.

Race Highlights:

  • 75 intense laps at the high-speed Daytona Oval.

  • 5 cautions that kept drivers on their toes.

  • A total of 16 caution laps that added to the suspense.

  • A whopping 10 lead changes, showcasing the fierce competition.

🌦️ Dynamic Weather: The race started under partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 73°F and a gentle southeast wind at 10 MPH. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as drivers battled both each other and the ever-changing conditions.

🚗 Top 5 Finishers:

  1. Paul Pelissier - Carolina

  1. David Cassidy2 - Canada

  2. Mark Koschik - New York

  3. Mike Chamberlain - Ohio

  4. Terry Dougay - Canada

A big shoutout to Paul Pelissier for making a spectacular entrance into the SRU Xfinity Series, and congratulations to all the racers who left it all on the track.

Stay tuned for more thrilling races and nail-biting moments in Season #6 as we continue to push the limits of sim racing! 🚗💨🏆 #SRUXfinitySeason6 #PalmTree150 #SimRacingUnleashed

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