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"Unveiling the Racing Maestro: Mark 'Gomez' Koschik - Founder of SRU and Truck Series Admin"

Introducing #33 Mark "Gomez" Koschik: a name synonymous with speed and leadership. As the founder of SRU (Sim Racing Unleashed) and an esteemed figure in the truck series, his influence on the racing world is undeniable. Beyond the moniker "Gomez," his career stats paint a picture of excellence: 169 starts, 2 wins, 24 top 5 finishes, and a remarkable average rating of 77.7. Mark's journey began on November 4, 2018, with each race carving his legacy. The Watkins Glen Cup marked his most recent feat on August 13, 2023, finishing 11th. With 47 laps led, 959 incidents weathered, and an enduring passion for the track, Mark Koschik continues to inspire both as a racer and an admin in SRU's truck series.

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